Follett Destiny Resources

Destiny Resources:

Follett Destiny Guides - huge selection of links, guides, and video tutorials
Destiny Library Essentials - great how to guide
New Features in Destiny 13.0 - guide to new features
Beyond Basics User Guide - quick tips for setting up home page, inventories, and more
Destiny Inventory Guide - tips and instructions to conduct your end of the year inventory

FolletShelf - ebooks

Quick Reference Guide
User Guide
FollettShelf website
Quick User Guide

Destiny Quest - Resources

Video Tutorial
Getting Started Guide
Destiny Quest Pinterest Page

Extra: Easy way to get your data for your State Report

1. Reports
2. Shelf List
3. Select Range of Call #s
4. Enter the call #s - for example 500-599.9999
5. Choose Output as Microsoft Excel
6. View your report in Exel
-This allows you to sort the spreadsheet by circulation dates and etc.
-Delete any columns that you don't need to make sorting and finding data easier (ex. price, barcode, status, and etc.)