Yahoo! Kids - online dictionary

Language Skills:
Grammar Games - BBC Schools website with several grammar games
Game Zone - 20+ language arts games
Grammar Glossary - many different language skills with tutorials - menu to the left by skill (in alphabetical order)

Syllables Games - link to several syllable games for practice

Parts Of Speech:
Wacky Web Tales-nouns, adjectives, verbs, adverbs, and exclamations
Adjectives and Adverbs - game about these skills
Identify Parts of Speech- find the nouns, adverbs, adjectives, conjunctions, articles, and phrases in a sentence.

Common and Proper Nouns:
Common and Proper Nouns - online game
Nouns - identify common and proper nouns
Proper Noun Practice - categorize proper nouns
Capitalize Proper Nouns - find the proper noun that names a specific thing
Proper Noun Matching - match the common noun with the correct proper noun
Find the Capitals- identify the proper noun that is written correctly

BBC Skillswise - several games that use adjectives as clues
Education Place- click on the sentence that which has an adjective that is highlighted
Adjectives Puzzle - unscramble the adjectives
Matching Adjectives - - read the sentence and type the adjective (it will check their work)

Personal Pronouns - three different levels and you can hunt for treasure after each correct answer
Pronouns Rules- rules and links to different tutorials and games
Tutorial - show 3 types of pronouns
Fact Monster - explains all the different types of pronouns
Pronoun Poppers - select the correct pronoun
Subject Pronoun- Type the correct pronoun
Personal Object Pronoun - type the correct pronoun
Possessive Pronouns - type the correct pronoun
More Possessive Pronouns - type the correct pronoun
Reflexive Pronouns- type the correct pronoun
Harcourt Clubhouse - pronoun game

- choose grade level and type of game.

Possessive Nouns:
Possessive Tutorial- tutorial with practice of showing possession of nouns
Possessive Nouns - Review and practice of possessive nouns
Grammar Quiz - possessive nouns quiz
Exploring for Possessives - students explore possessive nouns while traveling through a cave and learning cool information
Possessive Nouns Quiz - a short review with a quiz
Possessive Nouns Test - type in the correct possessive nouns and check your answers
Possessive Nouns Practice- Identify if the noun is showing singular or plural possession

Plural Nouns:
Plural Rules and Games- rules, quizzes, games, and worksheets to practice plural nouns
Plural Play- tic-tac-toe plural game for two students where they drag the word to the box with the correct plural ending
Fun with Plurals- 3 different levels of plural games
Noun Explorer- choose the correct spelling of each plural noun
Plural Matching - concentration like game for plural nouns
Plural Noun endings- add s or es to each noun to make it plural
Plural Word Search- clues are singular nouns and you have to find their plural noun match
Irregular Plurals- matching irregular plurals like tooth & teeth

Compound Words:
Compound Word Match - match two words together to make a compound word
Compound Word Memory - memory game to find compound words
Compound Memory - another memory game for identifying compound words.

Penguin Practice - drag words to make a sentence, choose the correct punctuation mark, or add a word to complete the sentence
Build a sentence- drag bricks to make a sentence
Magic Key - arrange the words in order to make a proper sentence
Conjunctions- find the conjunctions in the sentence
Punctuation - put the correct punctuation in each sentence
Types of Sentences- identify if it is a complete sentence, simple sentence or compound sentence
Sentence Clubhouse - build a clubhouse by identifying the four types of sentences: statement, command, question, and exclamation
Commas in a Series - video lesson with practice on correctly placing commas in a series.

Subject and Predicate:
Parts of a sentence - an introduction to subjects and predicates
Subject & Predicate- review game where students have to identify the set of words as complete sentence, subject, or predicate
Multiple choice - MC quiz where students choose if the words make a complete sentence, or is a subject or predicate.
Rags to Riches - game show like quiz where students earn "money" when they correctly identify the subject and predicate.

Prefixes and Suffixes:
Prefixes and Suffixes - use prefixes and suffixes to build longer words
Fact Monster- site with many different Language Arts games
Jeopardy Prefixes - a great 1 or 2 person game that is in the Jeopardy format - students have to type in the correct answer
Race to Rames - match the prefix to the base word
Prefix Millionaire - set up like the game show on TV
Building Prefixes - matching game - word with definition
Crystal Castle - prefixes im and in
JigWord - like a puzzle - match the correct defintion to the prefix
Prefix Quiz - 10 questions - great quiz to determine understanding of prefixes

Spelling and Grammar:
Grammar and Spelling- definitions and help

Verb Viper - past, present, and helping verbs - click on the game on the right column near the bottom and it will open in another window
Frog Verbs - click on this link and there are 2 verb games (and many other language arts games as well)
Irregular Verbs- jeopardy style game - choose between one or two players
Irregular verbs games - 7 games to play - type the correct irregular verb form
Irregular Rules- rules and examples for irregular verbs and practice exercises
Irregular verb chart- extensive verb chart of irregular

Writing Activities - different types of writing activities

Multiple Meanings
Words in Context - Choose the word that has the same meaning as the word in the sentence
Rags to Riches - like the game show Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. Choose the right word that has the same meaning as the underline word in the sentence
Kid's Lab - several little lessons and practice on context clues
Using Context Clues - choose the correct word that means the same as the bold word in the sentence.