MICCA 2009

MICCA Conference 2009
Session 2 - 11:30 a.m.-12:15 p.m. (April 21, 2009)
Wikis and Blogs: Collaborative Tools for the Classroom
By: Carmon Molnar & Lori Menzel
Expose educators about how to effectively integrate wikis and blogs into their curriculum and instruction. We will discuss the benefits, relevance, and share ideas of how to infuse these tools into their daily daily instruction from the perspective of a technology coacn and classroom teacher.

Cool Sites I learned about at MICCA:
Wordle - use to generate word clouds - copy & paste or type a piece of text
Below is an example of my wordle I created about the importance of teaching new literacies.

New Literacies
Wordle: New Literacies
New literacies are the skills, strategies, and insights that are essential to successfully take advantage of the increasingly rapid change of the information and communication technologies that are constantly emerging. New literacies are changing rapidly and students need to be taught how to critically evaluate information. Students need to be taught new strategic models on how to locate, evaluate, and effectively use the extensive resources available within the complicated networked information and communication technologies. New literacies require a great deal of social learning compared to traditional literacies. New literacies create opportunities for students to better comprehend the diverse cultural traditions in our world.Students need to understand that new literacies will keep building upon each other but will never replace previous literacies. If students are able to read a range of texts in various ways for different purposes then they will obtain the textual power necessary to be successful in their adult lives.

Glogster - is a web 2.0 tool that allows you to upload photos, videos, text, audio and more to create a unique online, interactive posters.
It allows you to create a teacher account as well as student accounts.

kidoz.net - free and safe internet browsing where kids can watch videos and play games

kerpoof.com - make movies and art work
Kerpoof teacher's page - lesson plans, teacher's accounts, ideas, standards, color sheets, and etc.

Grapheety - uses Google Maps to explore and locate places - You can tag your own places and add your own text & graphics to the tag.

bubbl.us online brainstorming site

Example - using bubbl.us - brainstorming idea on how to use a Pixie 2 in a classroom

Printwhatyoulike.com - select the what you want to print from a web site without having to print ads, empty spaces, and unwanted stuff

Quizlet.com - flashcards, vocabulary memorization, and studying games

dafont.com - archive of free downloadable fonts - browse by ABC order, style, popularity, or author

Teacher's Domain - Digital Media for the Classroom - online library with over 1,000 free media resources from public television

Searching tip: when searching an educational topic in Google put this in the search box: .edu "your subject here" and the click search

EXTRAS: State Professional Development Schools Conference
I saw these cool sites during the conference on 5/2/09 in Towson, Maryland
studystack.com - find data or add your data to help you study then pick a game of your choice to help you study your data
Webspiration - Online Visual Thinking Tool - a lot like Inspiration but this is a online collaborative web 2.0 tool

These are some sites that some of my tech friends have shared with me:
bookbuilder.cast.org - create, read, and share digital books --super cool with tons of ways to use for every subject.
blabberize.com - talking picture that you can embed in your email or web 2.0 tools
voicethread.com- create a group converstations around images, documents, and videos