Poetry4Kids - huge website - a great resource of poetry
Types of Poems - this site explains 51 different types of poetry
Forms of Poetry- has several examples of different types of poems
ReadWriteThink Poems - several links to lessons and resources for teaching different types of poems
Giggle Poems- website that has many different types of poems and fun for kids
Acrostic Poems - online activity that explains acrostic poems and then lets students make their own
Rhyme Zone- website that helps find rhyming words

Poetry Games -
Poetry for Kids - several poetry games
Wizards and Pigs - fun interactive poetry site
Reading Fun - Poetry Games
Giggle Poetry - lots of fun poetry activities
Poetry Just for Kids1! - huge site with many different poetry activities for kids

Poetry Project: Sensory Poems
Sensory Poems- a worksheet for teachers explaining sensory poems
Sensory Poem Organizer- in pdf format
Sensory Poem Checklist - in pdf format

poem template.pub - sensory poem final copy template