Visuwords- online graphical dictionary- gives definitions, related words or concepts, and more
Reading is Fundamental- website that has tips and tricks to encourage good reading habits for students
**Teacher Tap** - website that has many links to authors and Illustrators for all levels of reading

Directory of Interactive Websites:
Reading Websites - Many websites for Reading and Language Arts skills

Best Practices Reading Strategies: a list of 20 reading strategies to assist teachers with authentic learning
Elementary Test Prep - Many different skills for Reading and Language Arts (very similar to Maryland VSCs)
Interactive Quizzes - The site has interactive quizzes for grades 3-5, & 8 in Reading & Language Arts
Kids' Lab - wonderful website for Reading skills (very similar to Maryland VSCs and Benchmarks)

Interactive Websites: - Great website for reading and language arts (and other content areas). You have to become a member but it is free. - Language Arts games for primary grades
Kaboose 1 - Reading games for ages 6 and up
Kaboose 2 - More reading games for ages 6 and up
Gameaquarium - tons of activities
FunBrain - activities for reading and other content areas

Interactive Graphic Organizers:
Graphic Organizers- over 15 graphic organizers in pdf format
Animal Graphic Organizer - 4 types of graphic organizers to study animals that you can choose from and you can print out a copy.
Compare & Contrast Graphic Organizer - Three different types of organizers to choose from and you can print it out a copy.
Drama Mapping - Graphic organizer for character map, conflict map, resolution map, and setting map
Shape book patterns - from Education Place (36 different shapes from food to animals to clothes to rainbows and more

Comprehension Interactice Activity - many comprehension skills and links
Story Elements - Cinderella Interactive story with practice on story elements
Setting, Characters, & Plot - study zone - tutorials and practice
Plot, Setting, Theme - study zone - tutorials and practice
Compare & Contrast - a tutorial on how to compare and contrast objects, gives definitions, and examples of graphic organizers
Character Traits - make your own character trading cards that can be printed
Poetry - understanding poetry, rhyming dictionary, lessons, podcasts, and much more.
Context Clues - Be a detective and help find Grandma's lost hat by using context clues
Graphic Organizers- many different printable graphic organizers in pdf format
Non-Fiction Text- choose the correct parts to make a non-fiction text
Reading Poetry- read some poems and answer questions about the poems
Following Directions - gather your materials and then start following directions to see what you make
Salmon Challenge - take this quiz to see if you can help your adoptive salmon make it through the life cycle.
Salmon Life Cycle - very funny but cute youtube video on the life cycle of the salmon

Houghton Mifflin: Grade 3
Kids's Place - Vocabulary games for the reading series
Spelling and Vocabulary - word lists for all elementary grades for the Houghton Mifflin Reading series.
Additional Spelling words - additional spelling word lists for every story in the anthology
Spelling City- online spelling program -teaches, practice, and tests spelling words - It is so COOL!!
Houghton Mifflin Theme Links - vocabulary, comprehension, spelling, and other activities that correlate with grade 3 themes

Websites: Houghton Mifflin - Grade 3 These sites can be used to help build background knowledge for the stories

Cliff Hanger

Kids Rock Climbing - video

The Ballad of Mulan

The Legend of Mulan Facts

The Lost and Found

Find the Hats game
external image CoolClips_wb026438.gif
The Keeping Quilt

Quilt Block patterns (printable too)
Activites - huge website of activities

The Talking Cloth
Adinkra Cloth - PBS Kids' website
Adinkra Symbols & Meanings

Dancing Rainbows

Meet the Characters - website with the real characters from the story


Dave Pilkey's website
Dogzilla - photostory on

The Mysterious Giant of Barletta

Wikipedia- Picture and description of Colossus of Barletta
Town of Barletta - pictures of the town and statue

Raising Dragons

Elements of Fantasy - definition and examples
Dragon Facts - tons of links to different types of Dragon info

The Garden of Abdul Gasazi

Topiary Gardens - Rhode Island garden
Virtual Tour of a garden
Teacher resources for the stories in themes 4-6 - Huge resource

Nights of the Puffins

Atlantic Puffin
National Geographic - facts about puffins

Seal Surfer

Seal Surfer site - huge resource for teachers and students
Seal Surfer - Reading Assessment
Leopard Seals

Two Days in May
National Geographic - facts about deers
Audio of Two Days in May
external image seal10.gif
external image deer.gif
Across the Wide Dark Sea
Journey of the Mayflower - map of the sailing route
Journey of the Mayflower II- Great Intro for story!

Yunmi and Halmoni's Trip
Audio of the story
Huge site with videos and other links about Korea

Trapped By the Ice
Audio of Story
Sir Enest Henry Shackleton - Life, journey, information
More info about Shackelton
Real video footage of Shackelton's adventure - I put on

Pepita Talks Twice
Audio of story
Teacher resources

Poppa's New Pants
Audio of story
Teacher resources

Ramona Quimby, Age 8
Beverly Cleary's website
Teacher resources
Literature Circle Resources