What is a wiki?
The word "wiki" is Hawaiian for fast. A wiki is a web page that allows anyone to access, edit, or contribute to the design, layout, and content of a web page in a simple and fast way. A wiki can be set as public which allows anyone to access to the page as well as having editing rights. A wiki can also be set to private and the manager of that page can determine who has rights to access and edit the site. A private wiki can also be viewed by a selected group or the public.


Just Starting Out
Wikispaces - Main help page for teachers
Video Tutorials - several great tutorials to help get your wiki started
Wiki Walk - tutorial and ideas from TeachersFirst website
Educational Wikis - Articles and resources for using wikis in education
Comprehensive tutorial - a great tutorial from Jennifer Dorman
Help.Wikispaces.Teacher_Presentation.ppt- template by the wikispaces team - designed for educators to use

Already have a wiki:
Help Index - how to use wikispaces
Features Info - description of many different features

Cool Extras: - cool site with newspaper generator, different types of text generators, and more
Glitter Text Maker
Logo Generators
- logos, buttons, flash generators
Cool Text - free graphics generator - create your own speaking avatar
pics4learning - free photos for educational use
Widgetbox - select an already made widget or create your own
Teacher Tube - add a video you created or your students created


Ideas for wikis in the classroom:

- using as a resource for yourself, students, and parents
- displaying information about your classroom: calendar, homework, and etc.

- problem of the day, word of the day, daily reminders
- resources such as online dictionaries, search engines, tutorials
- list spelling words, vocabulary terms, math facts, and etc.
- matching skills with links to interactive games, tutorials, and other activities
- create class projects: directions, content standards, steps, resources, publish
- embed videos, blogs, and other educational Web 2.0 tools
- gathering and displaying information
- collaboration: with students, classes, and students around the globe
- webquests, research projects, virtual field trips
- the possibilities are endless!!!

Examples of Wikispaces:

Wicomico County:

Other Examples:

Carmon - teach coach
- tech coach
- tech coach
- tech coach
- teacher

Educational Wikis