Virtual Manipulatives

Interactive Quizzes - The site has interactive quizzes for grades 3-5, & 8 in Math
Coolmath4kids math website with tutorials for different math skills
Fuel the Brain - Educational Games and Resources
Math Playground - great site with many different games and activities
Interactive Whiteboard - Huge site with math skills - check out all 3 levels (Foundations, Key Stage 1 & Key Stage 2)
White Board Resources- tons of activities for different skills

Interactive Websites:
Internet 4 Classrooms - Huge site with tutorials, lessons, interactive activities for grades K-12 and for any subject
Internet 4 Classrooms - Links (K-12 Teachers):skill building, differentiated instruction, integrating technology and more!
Global Classrooms - Created by Patti Weeg it has tons of things for teachers and students
Fact Monster - flashcards, mulitplication, fractions, measurements, money and more
Fact Monster- baseball geometry, cowboy math, big count bayou, and fraction cafe
Math Magician - website that has math practice for addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and spiral reviews with all 4 operations
Basic Skills - links to many different games to practice basic math skills
Hooda Math - games, tutorial, worksheets, and more

ixl website - This is a great site that has activities for many skills
Place Value
place value games
using place value blocks interactive
identify place value: standard and word form
Catch Ten - help the bear make a ten's rod
Place value counter - start the counter and watch the number grow
Place Value Practice - Houghton Mifflin Website - lots of practice
What's Your Name? - write the numbers in word and expanded form
Rounding Master - Practice rounding with a game like Who Wants to be a Millionaire
Half Court Rounding - Levels - round to ten and hundreds and also decimals. Basketball theme
Spaceship and Shark Rounding - round to tens or hundreds - click on the correct spaceship
Rounding Numbers - Practice rounding to the nearest ten
Rounding Flashcards - Rounding to the nearest ten and hundreds
Sea Shell Rounding - Rounding to the nearest ten
interactive number games
basic addition facts game
higher addition facts (like TV's Millionaire)
set of numbers - figure which numbers are the addends and sum
baseball addition game
Addition game - from fact monster
Crack the Code Addition- addition skills can crack the code
subtraction with regrouping (like TV's Millionaire)
single digit subtraction
subtraction machine
interactive subtraction games
comparing numbers - <,>,=
comparing numbers - index of different games
More than marsh - click on the number that is more than previous
Less than maze- click on the number that is less than previous
Compare Numbers Game - <,>,= with different levels
Extra Practice - Houghton Mifflin website - lots of practice
Numberlines - use number lines to compare numbers
Compare Numbers - game with 3 levels
Practice - Houghton Mifflin website
Money Games - put coins in a piggy bank, make change, and much more
Dollar Dive - underwater adventure trying collect the correct amount of money
Ed's Bank - very fun game! Get money adn go to a store!
Give Change - work the cash register and give the customer's their correct change.
Temperature Quiz - make the thermometer match the given temperature
Temperature Game - put the temperature in the correct place on the thermometer
Just In Time - huge site that has interactive lesson and more!
Stop the Clock - hit the button to match the correct time
Time Website - huge site with games, tutorials, and other resources
Clocks and Time - several interactive games for telling time
Elapsed Time
E-Lab Elapsed Time - print out worksheet to record elapsed time
ElapedTime - Matching game
Elapsed Time for a Crime - read and figure out who did it
Elapsed time practice - two clocks with short word problems
Elapsed time quiz - 10 questions to test your knowledge of elasped time
Study Zone Elapsed Time - practice
Study Zone Elapsed Time Test - test prep
Inches, Centimeters, Yards
Measure to 1/4 - Move the ruler to measure objects to the nearest 1/4 of an inch
Fun Brain - measure to the nearest 1/4 of an inch
PBS Fishing - measure the fish and put them in the right aquarium

Weight - Pounds and Ounces
Ounces or Pounds - Hougthon Mifflin website
Heavy or Lighter? - quick game to compare weights of objects
Practice for Pounds and Ounces - example, drill, and practice
Capacity - Cups, Pints, Quarts, Gallons
Links for Learning- tutorial (weight and capacity)
Capacity Lesson- visual aids and practice questions
Elem. Test Prep- lesson about capacity
Elem. Test Practice- practice questions to identify correct measure
Conversion Practice- convert liquids using c, pt, qt, & gal
Which holds the Most? - click on the container that holds the most
Can you fill it?- fill the containers without spilling any liquid
Capacity Demo - use for better understanding

Capacity - Milliliters & Liters
Conversion Practice - ml & l
Tally Charts - Movie, games, and activities about tally charts and bar graphs.
Interpreting Data -COOL! -gathering data, bar graphs, and pictographs
Kids' Zone - Create different types of graphs
Graphing Practice - Houghton Mifflin website - lots of practice
Bugs Bar graph - drag the bugs into the graph to create a bar graph
Bar Graph Tutorial - Kids Have Pets teaches the elements of a bar graph
BBC Graphing - 3 levels - learn about graphing data
Line Plots - Interactive activity
Action Research: The following links & activites were used in my research for X stratgies.
The Nines Strategy - scroll down to the nines and learn the pattern & strategy
how multiplication works -
Multiplication Chart - use this chart to help learn your facts.
Time Delay times tables.pptx - I made this PowerPoint for the harder X facts (4-8 times table)
multiplication madness - times table, learn, practice, and test skills
Quick Quiz - on-line computer correcting quizzes. Great for practice!
Multiplication munchers - intense game - very cool
multiplication Granny - race Granny while practicing your facts
multiplication car wash - practice your facts
multiplication cars - practice your facts and then paint a car
multiplication help- tons of ways to help you learn your facts
Mr. Nussbaum - tons of ways to practice and lots of resources
multiplication games
more multiplication games
multiplication fact sites
multiplication facts quiz
tips and strategies for teachers
online lessons for learning the times tables
multiplication matching - matching factors to the correct product
multiplication baseball - 3 levels of multiplying
matho - multiplication bingo
Mutliplication Rap - hip hop rap songs about multiplication
Simple division - three levels of practicing division sites
Division website - AAA math site with tons of division skills
Division practice - timed practice with divisors 1-10
Long Division Lesson - from
Snork's Long Division - interactive game that teaches long division
Puppy Long Division - enter your own math problem and it will check it for you
What is a Fraction - quick lesson about simple fractions
What is a Fraction GAME - pick the correct fractions to win the game
Fractions on a Number Line - wonderful site to practice this skill!!!
Fraction Practice - create the fraction and check your answer
Cross the River Game- name the fraction so the bug can cross the river
Dolphin Racing Game - select the largest fraction and win the game
Fraction Match - match the fraction to model and see the hidden picture
Fraction Picture match- match the picture to the correct fraction
4 Equivalent Fraction games - choose from 4 cool games to explore equivalent fractions
Equivalent Fractions - great video tutorial and then helpful hints and printables.
Equivalent Fraction game - hit the target with the correct equivalent fraction
Matching Equivalent Fractions - matching game
2D and 3D shapes:
Basic Geometry Facts - shapes with definitions
Shapes - Pattern blocks and definitions of shapes
2D and 3D shapes - definition and examples
Identify Polygons - defintions and a game
Polygons - just a game answering questions about polygons
Area- definition and examples
Area Practice - interactive site to find area of a figure
Adam Ant - tutorial and practice with perimeter
Perimeter- definition and examples
Practice Perimeter - interactive site to find perimeter of a figure
Baseball Geometry- identify, measure, and label angles
Types of Triangles- identify the different types of triangles
Lines, Rays, and Segments:
Basic Terms- math terms and definitions
Math On-Line - great pictures, definitions, and examples
Scattering - Match vocabulary words with definitions and watch them disappear
links for symmetry activities/tutorials
Interactive Whiteboard - Very cool symmetry lesson!!!
How many lines of symmetry?
Links Learning - lessons with practice
Flips, Slides, Turns
Definitions with examples
Icy Slides, Flips, and Turns game
Robo Packer- flip, slide, and rotate figures to fit in a shape
Basketball Moves- translations, rotations, reflections
Probability - Lesson
Probability Quiz - Selected Response questions
Probability Fair - little game about probability
Certain or Impossible - definition and examples
Certain or Impossible - practice
Spinner- virtual spinner - records spins & can change up spinner
Probability Practice - Houghton Mifflin Website- lots of practice
Probability Gumballs- choose between impossible, likely, unlikely, or certain
Word Problems